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Getting Ready for Your Surgery: What You Need to Know - Kids Version

Hey there! We want to help you understand what happens before your surgery. There are special doctors called an "anaesthetist." They'll make sure you're safe and comfy during your surgery.

A. Types of Sleepy Medicine

  1. Magic Sleepy Medicine (General Anaesthesia): This is a special sleepy medicine that helps you stay asleep and pain-free during your operation. It's given through a tiny straw in your arm, or you can breathe it in like magic air. Sometimes, they'll use a small tube to help you breathe, but it will be taken out when you wake up.

  2. Superhero Sleep (Regional Anaesthesia): This is when they make a part of your body go to sleep for the surgery. It's like a superhero power that stops any pain in that area.

B. What Can Happen?

Don't worry, the doctors are like superheroes at keeping you safe. But sometimes, a few things might happen:

  • You might feel a bit sick or want to throw up.

  • Your throat or lips could feel dry or sore.

  • Your vision might be a bit blurry, and you could feel dizzy.

  • You might find it hard to go to the bathroom for a little while.

Sometimes, there are very rare things that could happen, like:

  • Feeling awake during the surgery (but this hardly ever happens).

  • Your teeth or voice might feel different for a short time.

  • You might have a small itch or rash.

  • You could have a headache.

  • There's a tiny chance your body might be a little different after surgery.

  • But remember, doctors are always here to help you!

C. Your Important Job Before Surgery

You have a big job too! Before the surgery, you need to tell the doctors if:

  • You had any surgeries before.

  • If you have any special medicine or problems with your body, like diabetes or allergies.

  • If you have any special teeth or if you lost some.

  • If you need to go to the hospital often.

And one very important thing: you can't eat or drink before surgery. The doctors will tell you when it's time to stop eating. If you eat after that time, your surgery might have to wait.

D. Feeling Better After Surgery

After your surgery, the nurses will take good care of you until you wake up. If you feel sick or funny, just tell them. They can give you medicine to help.

E. Things to Remember After Surgery

For about a day, you'll be like a superhero with special powers from the sleepy medicine. So, remember:

  • Have an adult with you on the first night after surgery to make sure you're okay.

  • Don't use sharp things.

  • Don't make big decisions 

F. Preparing Your Feelings

It's okay to feel a little scared or curious about your surgery. You can watch some fun videos online, like "NHS Trust – General Anaesthetic (Under 8s)" or visit "" for more information. There's a cool TED-Ed talk called "How does anaesthesia work?" if you want to learn even more about it.

We're here to make sure you're safe and comfy during your surgery. Feel free to ask us any questions, and we'll be happy to help you!

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